App Cloner Apk Download Premium Latest Version v2.4.2 (Final MOD)

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App cloner apk | App cloner apk download | App cloner apk premium | App cloner apk old version | App cloner apk mod | App cloner unlocked: Hi, welcome to Hydclicks, are you looking to clone your existing apks, today we will introduce you to the smart apk, which will clone the apks perfectly. It is none other than App Cloner, which clones the apps truly independent and install-able clones.

As you know cloned apps run parallel and work individually from the original apks. Like original apks, this cloned apks will never ask for automatic updates. You can run with the stable version of the apk.

App cloning is useful to run the applications simultaneously, use multi-login apps of popular apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. App cloner provides multi modding options to tweak new app copy.

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By using the app cloner you can change the app name and icon. App cloner allows you to the cloned app to be installed on the SD card. App cloner allows you to add unique features such as incognito mode, hiding android id, location spoofing, and hiding Android ID. You can also set the apps to consume Wi-Fi data only.

What are the App Cloner Premium features!

As you know, the free version of apk always has limited features and access. when it comes to app cloner, it's free version allows you only basic cloning. Upgrade the premium version and enjoy all the features as listed below.

Clone Premium Apps :

Cloning premium apps may not possible with the free version, by using the premium version you can clone popular and premium apks such as Messenger, Vk, and Snapchat.

Multiple App clones & Batch cloning:

As we discussed earlier, app cloner allows you to clone the apps in multiple, even batch cloning also available.

Save Cloner apps :

After you clone the apk, you can save it directly to your android storage.

Notification Options:

Sometimes notifications will hinder privacy, by using app cloner features you can set notification filter, silent notification, and notification color change.

Network & Automation options :

You can disable the mobile data & background process. Brightness settings, DND, Bluetooth, and WiFi.

Privacy Options :

Privacy is most important while we accessing the internet, by keeping these things in mind, app cloner developers developed the latest privacy features. You can protect apps by password, incognito mode, exclude apps from recent, hide Wi-Fi MAC, Andriod, and IMEI. It is also provides you to remove app permissions, prevent screenshots, and location spoofing.

How to Install App Cloner!

Step 1. Download the Apk from below given link, store it in your SD card.
Step 2. Go to Settings >Security >Unknown Sources, tap on that, and enable unknown sources.
Step 3: Tap on the apk, install the application. Start cloning. That's it.

App cloner allows you to clone 20 apps only, by donating to the development team, you can unlock the clones up-to 1000.


This is all about app cloner application, there are so many premiums apps available on google play store for this purpose, among them app clone pro is best as far as we know, here we are not promoting this application.

It's up to you whether you can use this application or not. This app is being updated frequently, developers are adding new features. By using this apk cloning all apps may not possible. Find the below-mentioned list of apps that cannot be cloned.

  • Youtube
  • WhatsApp
  • Google APPS
  • BBM
  • Kodi
  • Grab
  • Business Skype
  • WeChat
  • Trello
  • Evernote etc..
Keep visiting our page for the latest Premium and Mod apps, share this useful app information with your friends also. Thank you!

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